Jen’s Linus … original riot grrrls all grown up

This Saturday we’re playing the most exciting gig ever. For several reasons …

  1. it’s the first headline show for Dream Nails, who are the most awesome band in the dream nailsworld – fact. Watch out for their debut EP coming very soon
  2. it’s a LOUD WOMEN show – our Cassie’s women-led music night, which is taking the world by storm
  3. it’s at the Veg Bar in Brixton, South London’s grooviest new venue, serving damn tasty vegan food … but most importantly
  4. Jen Denitto will be playing a set of Linus songs, along with fellow ex-Linus members
    Deb van der Geugten and Charley Stone. Kinda a reimagining of Linus – because of course Jen, Deb and Charley were never in the band at the same time, there’ll be no Tammy, and of course no Andy.

For those who need reminding … Linus formedjen in 1992 and were considered to be
amongst the first seminal riot grrrl bands, playing alongside ban
ds like Huggy Bear,
Bikini Kill, Skinned Teen, and Hole. Not much of their music exists online now (try explaining that to anyone under 35!), but here’s a few reminders …



More info on Linus:

See you at the Veg Bar!



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