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Badass Lady Power Picnic is just wonderfully, tunefully, angrily unprofessional … 4/5″ – Boff Whalley, R2 Magazine

“Brilliant … fuelled by brass, guitar and righteous fury” – MOJO

“The Raincoats meets Throwing Muses, with an individual down-to-earth humour that shows these women live their ordinary lives with extraordinary flair, wickedness and good grace” Ngaire Ruth,

“Offering up an amalgam of punk’s abrasive DIY WTF-ness and the seraphic lilt of brass-laced pure pop … an eclectic concoction … 5/5” – Bob Oram, The Morning Star

“Ferociously wry and tuneful” – Everett True

“women who love guitars and want to pull together and support other women” – Ngaire Ruth, the girls are

“It is the dog’s, erm, ovaries” – Attila the Stockbroker

“I loves the Wimmins’ Institute, I do” – John Langford

“AMAZEBALLS! I like Mansplaining best” – BBC London

“Expect much pearl-clutching” – London Evening Standard

“Notice how they’re all fat and ugly” – YouTube commenter


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